» By ERICKA CONLEY – econley@my.apsu.edu

Phi Alpha Theta has solidified itself as being a strong force for preserving the teaching of history and education of history scholars.

In October, Phi Alpha Theta celebrated its 50th anniversary. It is an organization with a rich history and has a great reputation.

“Phi Alpha Theta was founded in 1921 with the intent to promote the knowledge of History. Theta Delta Chapter was chartered at APSU in 1961 and has been active in promoting history on campus and in our community,” said Minoa Uffelman, Phi Alpha Theta adviser.

It is one of the largest honor societies, with more than 740 chapters.

Theta Delta, APSU’s chapter, is the third oldest chapter in the state of Tennessee. Among its many achievements, it has been named the “Best Chapter” in the country for three years in a row. The chapter organization has also won the APSU Student Life and Leadership Organization of the Year for three years.

Phi Alpha Theta looks to “continue our award-winning activities. I fully expect a young member today to attend a banquet celebrating Theta Delta’s centennial in 2061,” Uffelman said.

It was established at the University of Arkansas by Professor Nels Cleven. Phi Alpha Theta is an honor society that accepts both men and women. Anyone who has an interest in history and has shown high achievement in history would be a possible candidate for this organization. There are also GPA requirements that must be met.

There are many reasons why students should be interested in this organization, Uffelman said.

“Students can learn about history. We sponsor roundtables with professors, lectures, attend conferences, volunteer at local history events and hold writing workshops,” Uffelman said.

Phi Alpha Theta also publishes a quarterly historical journal called “The Historian.” There are over 12,500 subscribers and 1,000 library subscribers. TAS