Speaker Leo Millan of Millan Enterprises shares stories of success and leadership. Photo by Khatir Stewart | The All State

Many businesses or otherwise students seek to increase their knowledge of leadership and business strategies.

However, many don’t know where to start or what to do to develop those skills over time. Until they hear of long-told legends, Legends of Business.

Every semester, Austin Peay’s College of Business invites regional business leaders to share their stories of success and lessons in leadership.

The Legends of Business is a wide-ranging event with something for everyone, regardless of major.

Each session aims to leave attendees with a different takeaway, whether that be leadership skills or advice for success. Many students take time out of their day to attend these lectures hoping for advice.

“I decided to come because our professor said that the speaker today has a lot of good things that we can learn to put to the future of our education,” said Kelby Lewis, a senior marketing major.

The Legends of Business occur every semester, letting students and community members enjoy a wide range of advice and stories from across the region.

“I also participated in the Legends of Business speaker series last year, and I really enjoyed them,” said Lewis.

Overall, the Legends of Business is a legendary opportunity for people to come and reinforce what they know, learn something new, or even get the point at which to start.

“I’m not sure what to expect, but anything that can further my education and knowledge in this field is good,” said Lewis.