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As a college student, I know the topic of paying for college and student loan debt can be very stressful. Between finding scholarships, taking out loans and receiving grants, it can be hard for students to figure out just what to do and how to do it.

“I am paying for school myself. I am nervous about it, but, no matter what, I will not drop out,” said Kristin Tallon, sophomore elementary education major.

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Student loan debts is increasing all around the world, but this does not mean to give up on school; it just means students should do some research on better ways to pay for school.
“My parents are paying for me to go to school. If I had to pay it would be terrible,” said Courtney Rasberry, sophomore English major.

Many students are relying on their parents to pay their way through school. This is beneficial for parents who have good credit, they are able to take out loans and pay them off at a fixed rate.

In cases where parents do not have good credit; the student can take out a loan on their own or have their parent co-sign. Having parental help is easy for some, but not so much for others.

“If my mom had to pay for school, I would not be here. I would have to get a job and that would take away from my learning,” said Daniel Murrell, sophomore criminal justice major.

Having to pay back thousands of dollars can be tough, but here at APSU, there are many options some students may not know about.

“We offer multiple options to help students with financial aid at APSU, including our loan repayment and forgiveness program,” said Johnathan Button, member of student financial aid and veterans affairs staff.

This means certain loans are eligible for forgiveness. Students can go online to the financial aid section of the APSU website to find more information on this and find out if they are eligible for loan forgiveness.

“We also have what we call the ‘freshmen experience’, which was started last year. All freshmen will learn about financial aid management; it is now a part of freshmen curriculum through their APSU 1000 class, and students who are not freshmen can attend our class held once a year by our financial aid director,” said Button.

The financial aid department at APSU can be very helpful to students who need help with paying for school. It is important to look into these options, because finishing school is important. Despite the financial burden it may cause, education is worth the cost.

College opens the door to opportunities that many people who are not in school do not even know about. Internships, better pay rates and networking are just a few things college students and graduates are able to receive. There are no limits to the things you get to learn in college and it is well worth the amount paid.

Another great way to pay for school is through scholarships. Scholarships help you pay for school while gaining valuable experiences along the way. You may have to earn your money with some work but you can also gain valuable work ethic along the way.

Many would be surprised at just how many different scholarships and opportunities are available. They can be awarded by APSU departments, colleges, local associations and businesses as well as national companies and organizations.

“I pay for school through scholarships, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have them,” said Kevin Covington, junior social work major.

APSU offers many scholarships from general scholarships to athletic scholarships, to some that are specifically for a student’s major. There is also the Federal Work Study program which can be helpful to students who are paying their own way through college.

Paying for school is not as bad as it might seem. Students can find out more information on all of the financial aid opportunities here at APSU by visiting the department of financial aid’s website here or students can call 931-221-7907 to speak with an adviser.