To kick off the annual homecoming of APSU, the Dunn Bowl held the Bonfire Yell and pep rally last Monday.  

The excitement happening at the Dunn Bowl could be heard from the residence halls. Students cheered for the school and their friends on the homecoming court. Overall Peay pride filled the Dunn Bowl and surrounding areas. 

Several organizations met outside to raise spirits for the rest of homecoming week. 

Many sororities, fraternities and other APSU clubs participated in challenges to win awards to help fund their organizations. 

The kickoff event was the chant. Organizations were challenged to create a homecoming chant relevant to APSU’s game Saturday against Tennessee Tech University.  

Seniors Tatiana Williams and Brittany Gordon attended the event. 

Williams said, “It went by too fast.”  

Gordon said, “It wasn’t as cold as last year. I wish the fire was burning higher so we could all feel it.” 

In addition to the school spirit the bonfire and pep rally gave students, there were also free homecoming shirts given out at the end. 

In accordance with the homecoming theme, T-shirts had a superhero design. The superhero theme was a crowd favorite for APSU students current and past. Many students and alumni specifically loved the superhero design featuring the Governor on the back.  

Several students left with smiles on their faces and shirts in hand. 

Many student groups were also there to support their homecoming nominees. 

The official 2018 APSU homecoming candidates were announced immediately following the chant. There were five homecoming king and five homecoming queen nominations. 

This event was bursting with excitement and support as people hugged, yelled, laughed and captured pictures. 

Donya Tennail, a senior, was proud of all the school spirit.  

“It was pretty cool. I’ve been at APSU for four years now and this is my first bonfire. I enjoyed it,” Tennail said.

Once again, the Peay spirit was well represented during homecoming week.