To celebrate Latinx Heritage Month the Latino Community Resource Center created and hosted the annual Latinx Heritage Month kick off on September 15th.

The kickoff was not just a typical event; it was more of an abroad experience.

Outside of students came faculty, staff, and even people in the local community to celebrate the influence of Hispanic and Latino people in the United States.

Together, they experienced a whole different world with live music and authentic, delicious Colombian and Mexican food.

Derryus Shaw, a junior studying political science said, ”I love fruit, but the tajin and chamoy took the flavor to another level, and, even though it is a simple condiment and seasoning, we get a taste of a different culture and I am loving it. ”

Food is a rich part of culture. Students and the local community had the opportunity to try authentic pan dulce (sweet bread), muffins, street tacos, and empanadas; all while engaging in arts and crafts.

However, the kickoff is just an aspect of the importance of this celebration.

Latinx Heritage month was created in order to recognize and celebrate the many wonderful contributions Hispanic and Latinx people have made in the United States.

Teagan Jabkowski, a junior studying political science stated, ”The kickoff was like getting a taste of studying abroad.”

She adds, “The food was authentic, and, with the live music, plus the community coming together as one in the plaza to dance, I did not feel like I was Austin Peay. I felt like I was in another country.”

We know that college is all about experience. That could mean being introduced to another culture.

Don’t let the opportunity to learn and live slip away. There are more Latinx Heritage month events running from September 15th-October 15th with good food and, of course, good vibes.