Kristin Kittell | Assistant Perspectives Editor

Miley Cyrus smokes from a bong, Justin Bieber reads porn and Lady Gaga discusses her sex life via her music. Lindsay Lohan smokes crack and Demi Lovato allegedly has issues with self-mutilation. Why is this important? Because these celebrities have too much influence on our children.

It’s safe to make the assumption we don’t want to leave the world in the hands of a drug addicted, sexually frustrated next generation. It’s also safe to say the world is not run by musicians and entertainers. The floor of the U.N. is safe from Katy Perry’s bobbing breasts and Congress can sleep without worry of Rihanna appearing in search of a “Rude Boy” to pull her hair.

But any current four-year-old could grow to lead a country or create laws to govern our democracy. Our concern should not be with the personal lives of entertainers, It should be with the future of our children and the connection between these two things should be severed.

If parents were leading by example ¬— forsaking the weekend binge drinking and the magazines under the bed — then a celebrity’s behavior might not be such a big deal. If a father occasionally chose a Sunday morning game of catch over a Saturday night out, then the programs on TV wouldn’t be a large concern.

If parents instilled morals, rather than letting Hannah Montana teach their children about proper social etiquette, then what she does with her personal time would be her own personal business.

We’re not all perfect. We all have our vices and make terrible decisions from time to time, and parenthood certainly doesn’t instantly change that.

If you feel the example you’re providing is no better than last week’s episode of “Family Guy” and you would prefer for your child to see something a bit more wholesome, change the channel. Change yourself.

Change the things you let your child see because, ultimately, that choice is yours. As scary as it may be, mortality is a fact of life. We can’t go on forever to fight down the demons of child actors and fill the tabloids with scrutiny of the music industry.

Eventually, our children will be left to decide the directions of their own lives. We have the responsibility to equip them for that. For now, parents, control is yours. Though someday you’ll be gone, right now, the remote remains in your hands. TAS