No matter how strong of a person you are, it is easy for things to go unknown or for task to fall into the cracks of life and get lost. Just because you have good graders and you update your planner with a few colored markers does not mean you are deemed for success.

College is nothing like high school and for most people, that is the fun part. After 12 years, you get in a routine of waking up at the same time, eating lunch at the same time and having practices at the same time. In college, you are struggling with how to manage your time. It is not something that will be figured out in a semester!

Once you get settled into the college life, understand that it is okay to be selfish as an adult and by selfish, I do not mean a little bit but all the way. You are at a point in your life where if you cannot see self-development then you should not be doing it.

When you become an adult, find things that make you happy. This might sound easy, but understand how much your personality impacts your life. Pick a class you are interested in, eat a large pizza, watch your favorite Netflix show and drink all the coffee you want. When you are finding things you love, it needs to go as far picking a cute stapler, an adorable binder or even just a throw pillow; just because an item is seen as functional does not mean it needs to be boring, keep your life fun and bold.

Life tip: give yourself time for things that you do not want to do.

This means scheduling time, so nothing is put off until the last minute. I wish I was more serious about this tip because all week I have been telling myself that I will read tomorrow and tomorrow turned into next week then before I knew it I was trying to take a test where I did not understand anything. Personal growth is more than just things you enjoy doing; it is working the pieces of your life that going to build a future.

Remember that over time, you can change your routine and work everything in a solid plan. Nothing is set in stone.

“You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing. You don’t have to do anything to earn it. Your shortcoming, your lack of self- esteem, physical perfection, or social and economic success- none of that matters. No one can take this love from you and it will always be here.” – Ram Das.