Displayed in the photo is LaTara Pearson, Military-Affiliated Student (MAS) Success Professional. Photo provided through the University’s Newton Family Resource Center.

Women wear a lot of hats today, but this does not stop them from dominating in the workplace. 

Around lunchtime on March 16, Career Services threw a Women in the Workplace Panel and Luncheon in the Morgan University Center. The event was held for students and Austin Peay community members to both be empowered and empower one another. 

Because there are so many stigmas, stereotypes, and biases about women, being a woman in the workplace has its challenges and adversities. These challenges can take a toll on women. 

Due to these issues and the stereotypically masculine career fields that women are now in, there is an apparent lack of opportunity and growth. 

However, this does not stop women like LaTara Pearson, a staff member at the Newton Military Family Resource Center, and Natalie Davis, the owner of Tater Headz, LLC. 

These women, along with others, shared their experiences, what kept them going, and what gave them the strength they needed to make their dreams come true. 

Pearson explained to the audience that, “As a woman of color, especially as a dark-skinned woman, I knew that there were stereotypes, but what kept me going was I remembered my why. I knew that my faith would ultimately lead me to where I wanted to go, as long as I stayed focused and kept working.” 

Pearson also shared with the audience about her experience of losing a job and how it affected her. 

“I went from making a salary to $10 per hour. I had children and a husband, and I did not know how I was going to take care of my household,” she said. 

The experience humbled her and pushed her to want more for herself. 

Despite trials and tribulations, she let the audience know that she is very blessed to be where she is today. 

Today, she remembers those challenging times as she works with struggling students and veteran personnel that are trying to find a leg to stand on. 

The biggest thing these speakers hope the young women in the audience take with them through their career fields is to know that they are enough and don’t need to change.