I chose radiology because I want to help people. I’ve had injuries in the past and I know what it’s like to go through that. I want to help others.”

Hallie McFall, sophomore radiology tech major

I had an economics teacher at the community college I went to. As a senior in high school he was my economics teacher. I took him and failed the class and didn’t think anything about it. In community college it was the one class that I connected with the most.”

Daniel Newton, junior business  major

I won’t say that I really have a major influence. I just like to talk and work with people. I’m a people person so that’s why I chose communication as my major.”

Leila Thompson, sophomore communication major

To choose physics, a lot of it just came from the faculty of the physics department here.”

Drew Kerr, junior physics major

I’ve always been into history. When I was five-years-old I read my sister’s eight grade history book before she did. I’ve always wanted to be a professor and educate people and teach them that history can be fun.”

Gene Blanchard, senior history major

want to be an engineer because I’m creative and I’m also good at math. So, put the two together and build some buildings.”

John Ohrt, freshman engineering technology major

The main thing that helped me pick the major I wanted to do was that I took a graphic design class because it was open and I had a lot of fun with it.”

Sydnee Allen, freshman graphic design major

My mother is my influence because she’s been in the medical field. She’s a surgical technician and I want to be an anesthesiologist.”

Latizhia Waters, sophomore pre-med major