Record subscription services are now a thing, and a pretty popular thing, too. Vinyl records have some of the most voracious and loyal fans conceivable, and these record subscription services’ existence is evidence of that. And I’m here to highlight one of the these services in particular: VNYL.

VNYL is a record subscription service based out of Los Angeles, Calif. They’ve been doing their thing for a few months now and recently hosted a campaign to get their project more funding. The original goal VNYL set was $10,000, but the project was quickly funded by a cool 777 backers who gave $36,000. Fans so quickly funded the project, in fact, that VNYL wasn’t even ready to begin packing up shipments of vinyl to go out to their music-loving backers. VNYL employees can be seen each day on VNYL’s social media building a record vault and spinning their favorite albums as they work.


I personally couldn’t be more excited for VNYL to start letting me throw my money at them so I can slowly drown in a pool of vinyl in my living room. One of the things that sets VNYL apart from other record subscription services like Vinyl Me, Please and That Special Record is that VNYL sends you the music you want to listen to. Vinyl Me, Please is more of a “record of the month club” and is fixed by its curators in such a way that you always get what they want to send you instead of what you want them to send you. But VNYL lets you choose an environment for your music to be played in, and then sends you records that best compliment that environment. For instance, if you need some music for a dance party, VNYL might send some Ariana Grande or Bruno Mars your way. If you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, though, VNYL might send you some Alt-J or Death Cab for Cutie.

Are you ready to sign up for what I can only describe as the best thing since the invention of penicillin? Well, you’re in luck, because I know how to embed a link in text. Head on over to and click “Try VNYL” to get your name on the waiting list of people who are as excited as you about freaking vinyl, man. Still not convinced? Check out this video from VNYL’s kickstarter page explaining who they are and what they’re about.


Have a fantastic Tuesday.