PSA: The food pictured throughout this mouthwatering article is all vegan; completely free of any and all meat or dairy products.

Sunflower Café – Nashville, TN

Located in South Nashville, this vegan spot offers everything from burgers and BBQ to soups and salads. With mouthwatering selection right before your eyes in an assembly line style, this hipster joint will have you leaving full but always craving more. One of my personal favorites includes the buffalo tempeh wrap that has the perfect amount of fresh flavor with bursts of that hot ‘chicken’ flavor.

Buffalo Tempeh Wrap

AVO- Nashville, TN

From sharables, to salads, to entrees, this vegan destination has it all; including a picture perfect avocado wall painted right on the building. One of the most boujee vegan spots, AVO is the go-to summer spot with volleyball courts, a sunny patio and a plant based ice-cream mobile all on the same premise. Their raw pad thai is a favorite as the zucchini and kelp noodles feel refreshing against the hint of spice that is the thai peanut sauce.

Raw Pad Thai

Branch Out – Paducah, KY

Just an hour and a half drive from Clarksville, this little piece of vegan heaven is located in the downtown Paducah area. Words cannot fully express the deliciously different food and energy that Branch Out provides. Options galore for burgers, sandwiches, drinks, nachos, fries, and of course their desserts. The trip is a must, and you must order the truffle garlic fries.

Graze- Nashville, TN

An easygoing spot offering breakfast, lunch and dinner options with a juice bar for refreshing fruit filled smoothies. Graze is the perfect East Nashville eatery to enjoy a sit down vegan meal restaurant style with a full menu and server. Their patty melt is beyond filling, especially paired with the macaroni salad that compares to no other.

Patty Melt with Macaroni Salad

Cashew- Chattanooga, TN

Whenever I am in the Southeastern part of Tennessee, Cashew is a stop on the roadtrip list. This casual, hip vegan café instantly feels like home with small and large group tables and a feel good energy to make you want to go again and again. They offer a variety of lunch and dinner options along with a full bakery menu that will leave you oohing and aahing. Their Southwest loaded sweet potato with mac n’ cheese and their African peanut stew is the only thing I ever get when I go; it’s that good.

Southwest Loaded Sweet Potato, Mac n’ Cheese, and African Peanut Stew

The Wild Cow- Nashville, TN

Yet another East Nashville spot, the wild cow is just that, wild (with flavor and a fun atmosphere, of course)! What puts this place over the top is their housemade sauces and fresh ingredients that are spread throughout their menu. You can get everything from appetizers, to sandwiches, to tacos, wraps, and entrees that will fill you right up, but leave you feeling good. Their dessert selection is one of the most expansive as well with colorful cakes and sweet flavors to keep you coming back.

Don’t Have a Cow- Clarksville, TN

Located right here in Clarksville, this tiny hole in the wall place is the perfect vegan spot to sit down or take it to-go. A friendly staff and a menu featuring sandwiches, burgers, wraps, salads and sides makes it the Clarksville go-to. Their hawaiian burger is absolutely delicious with a side of fresh greens or chips to help you face the day and tackle any vegan questions that come your way.

Hawaiian Burger with Fresh Greens