Ashley Thompson | Features Writer

With homecoming festivities on a high this week the Greeks took it upon themselves to have a game of tug-of-war on Wednesday, Oct. 19, at 4 p.m. This was one of the first events to kick off the Greek Life’s homecoming festivities.

The Gov Tug was a competitive game of tug-of-war between many of the Greek organizations at APSU and was held on a warm sunny day to participate as well.

Each organization, such as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Sigma Chi, Kappa Alpha Order and Alpha Sigma Alpha, formed a team of some of their fraternity or sorority brothers and sisters and gathered to compete. Some of the teams even wore their distinguishing shirts to represent their Greek home.

Each game was divided up into brackets: a men’s and a women’s bracket. Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) and ATO were the first competitors. Fiji won the first round for the men’s bracket. Although it was every Greek organization for themselves, there was a lot of loud cheers and support for every group competing.

“I know with my organization we have a really close bond, and we always try to make sure to get to know each other and make sure everyone is comfortable with each other, so that we have a nice balance in the group,” senior pre-med major and Alpha Sigma Alpha member Myah Sinclair said.

There were a lot of close calls in this tug-of-war challenge, but there could only be one winner for each gender’s side. The winning team got to receive trophies for their victories and support from all their friends. It was about a 30-minute event and ended in two victors.

Kappa Alpha Order took the victory for the men.

“We’re definitely excited on this win because we’re trying to bring in that homecoming win on all the Greek events,” junior communications major and Kappa Alpha Order member Damion Hoover said.

Hoover competed alongside his friend, freshman physics major and Kappa Alpha Order member Joseph Spear. Spear said the level of participation has improved compared to previous years.

“We definitely got a lot more participation this year and that is our goal to have a least some participation in each event. There is one every day during homecoming week, and we want to try and win a lot of them too,” freshmen physics major and Kappa Alpha Order member Joseph Spear said. “Obviously we prepared. I mean, we got here at 3:50 and then we competed, so lots of prep went into this. It was a lot of fun.”

Alpha Sigma Alpha won the women’s bracket.

“It’s amazing that we won. It took teamwork and support and I’m happy we won.” Sinclair said. The groups that won received trophies for their achievements.