This will be a pretty short article since I do not know what to say about the whole situation, and it was still a recent event with limited information.

I am still taking it all in. This is not something I wanted to write about, but there were four confirmed tornadoes in Middle Tennessee on early Tuesday morning so far. Beside a couple of EF-0, one was rated EF-3* and another was EF-4*. With currently estimated winds of 175 mph, the Cookeville tornado was the first violent (EF-4/5) tornado of 2020.

Though Nashville has gotten so much media attention for destruction at first, Cookeville was clearly in need as well. The first tornado touched down near Nashville at roughtly 12:30 a.m., and the second tornado dropped in Putnam County at roughly 2 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Unfortunately, there were too many deaths and injuries. There were plenty of photos of the sad and devastating damages, especially from Putnam County. It would not matter much if it was 5 p.m. or 2 a.m. these tornadoes were truly violent.

Please help the tornado victims in any way you can through donations or volunteering. There are additional resources through local news sources, such as WKRN, WMSV, WBIR and WVLT. Also, there are several fundraiser events and funds like this one below. Spring break could be a great time to volunteer for tornado clean up.

  • *These ratings are subject to change
  • **Note that the featured image does not depict actual events due to difficulty finding high-quality images of nocturnal tornadoes. Very few shot of Nashville tornado were on Twitter, and I was not able to find any shot of Cookeville tornado. Artwork by Tim Hill on Pixbay.

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