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The All State featured two APSU freshmen, Averie Minadeo and Daniel Kelley, at the beginning of their first semester in fall 2014 in order to track changes and progress throughout their first academic year. The All State has caught up with Minadeo, but received no response from Kelley. Minadeo’s responses are as follows:

After starting as an English major, Minadeo is thinking of changing to a psychology major. “I’d like to become a therapist to help people,” Minadeo said.

Minadeo chose APSU because of its proximity to her home in Clarksville and to join her peers from her graduating class. She said her opinion of APSU has not changed.

“I think it’s a great school, and I really enjoy it here,” Minadeo said.

At the start of her first semester, Minadeo cited “meeting new people and getting new experiences” as what she was most excited for in college.

Minadeo further expressed this sentiment. “I’ve learned once you get used to college, it’s not as scary as you think,” Minadeo said. “And it’s not hard to make friends, because most people are friendly.”

On the topic of advice for new freshmen, Minadeo said she encourages new students to put themselves out there. “Don’t be afraid to talk to new people in class,” Minadeo said. “And don’t procrastinate, because it’s hard to catch up.”

Minadeo will begin her sophomore year at APSU in the fall.