In the midst of Donald Trump’s inauguration, 3 million women in our nation’s capital and around the world marched for women’s rights. Seeing women, men and even children from all over the world come together and march for one thing was such a beautiful way to kick off the year and an even better way to shine a little bit of light on a day that was not so great for some of us.

I followed the march through both my Twitter and Snapchat feeds; I even had a few friends go to the marches–both in D.C. and in my hometown of Memphis. It warmed my heart to know my friends were out there making history and marching peacefully for something as important as rights for women.

What really threw me off was that there were absolutely no arrests in those eight hours of marching. In fact, police officers were high-fiving and even taking pictures with marchers. Now, if this march had been for something such as Black Lives Matter, the police officers probably would have been in full riot regalia and staring the marchers down.

This march, like most of the Black Lives Matter marches I have seen surface on the internet, was peaceful. It was just people linking arms and marching on for a purpose. Why is it when half a million white women come together for a cause nearly equally as important as that of black lives, no arrests are made and there are positive things being said all over the internet, but when it is a Black Lives Matter march, it is deemed as a protest or quickly turned into a riot?

What women were doing the day of the march and every single day after that is exactly what black people have been doing since the first March on Washington in August 1963: We want our voices to be heard and we want to make sure that you hear us. The fight for women’s rights did not stop then, and it is not going to stop four years from now. The fight for the black lives we say matter is never going to stop and it definitely will not stop four years from now. The world has heard us roar; headlines have been made; voices are being heard and having someone new as the POTUS does not mean that we will be silent.

Be peaceful. Stand tall. And make a difference in the world. It all goes hand in hand.