Finding a quiet place on campus to study can be a challenge. Especially, when you walk into the library and Starbucks is 30 people deep, students are in and out of doors, and everyone is talking at a volume that clearly resembles the UC lunch rush.

Here are the best study spots for your future cram sesh:

No.1 Library basement

“The basement at the library is quiet usually,” said Oscar Reyes, senior, history major.

Surprisingly, a lot of students don’t know about the basement library. Individual desks are available as well as group tables in a designated quiet zone.

No. 2 Harned Hall

“Harned Hall is very quiet. I study for all of my exams there,” said Sarabeth Mackens, freshman, marketing major.

Harned Hall, as many other buildings, has a designated student lobby. On the main floor there are large tables and couches for a comfy spot to sit down and get some work done.

No. 3 Third floor MUC

“The third floor on the MUC is pretty quiet. I’m not too sure what the volume is like the entire day but later in the day it’s definitely a good place to study.”

The top floor of the MUC is lined with couches and comfy chairs to sit down. Students often gather here for peace and quiet as the hustle and bustle is on the main level.

Other honorable mentions include: ANTS Center, Sundquist Science Complex second and third floors, and the library’s top floor.