We are now into our second full week of winter break. It’s been half of a month since the week of stress, and we should be at least halfway re-cooped since then. I know that most of our bodies have put their guard down, and we’ve probably caught up on all the naps we missed this semester. Or am I the only one?

But somewhere within all of the home cooked meals, family visits, and presents, we all have the feeling in the pits of our stomachs about missing our independence and own routines. Being on our own is challenging and scary, but there is something about its’ adrenaline/stress that keeps us crawling back to its’ grip.

Sometimes it can be hard being at home. For the most of us, things have changed since we left home and that can be hard to swallow. For us others, we only get a couple days to rush back home before we have to return back and make sure we have enough dough on the next paycheck to pay the bills. * Cringe *

No matter how much time we get with our families, it’s always appreciated and never taken for granted. Besides the questions about having a significant other, and what we are doing after graduationwe can do without those, thanks. Love you guys, it’s been super fun, but I’m ready to be back at school.

Until next time.