Bonnaroo 2016

Bonnaroo 2016


The small town of Manchester, Tennessee is in the final stages of preparing for the annual Bonnaroo Music Festival.

“Bonnaroovians” are flocking from all corners of the United States — and the world — to spend four days hanging out, listening music and taking in the experience.

2016 marks the 15-year anniversary of the festival’s art, and is labeled “15 Years of Magic.”

The festival offers more than enjoyment; the schedule is packed full of alternative activities like yoga, environment classes and there is even a 5k.

Before the festivities kick-off, hundreds of workers and volunteers come days to weeks in advance to prepare festival grounds.

Bonnaroo 2016

New to the farm is major improvements to hygiene and sanitation. The festival has installed a permanent filtered-water main line, and bathroom buildings with flushable toilets and showers.

The Bonnaroo website reports that half of General Admission camping has permanent showers and a quarter of them are permanent.

Everything is in its place and ready to be the setting for days of fun, happiness and good vibes.

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