By DAVE CAMPBELL | Former Managing Editor

Finding the words to describe my time at The All State was more difficult than I thought when I first started reminiscing. I knew it would mean finding words to encompass my entire five years with this amazing publication that’s continued to grow and improve over its 80-year run.

While I was with them, this newspaper was like a second home for me. Not to say this is an exhaustive list, but as much as I can, this is what this awesome team meant to my time at APSU.


As much as a student can make their own education what they want it to be, TAS provides an amazing venue for expanding on what you learn in a lecture or classroom setting.

In fact, if you look close, there is an outlet for anyone of any major to take their education further than they imagined or just round it out nicely.

Without my time at this newspaper, what I learned in class would be decidedly flat and empty. If the classroom is where you learn theory, then here is where you practice and get your hands dirty.


Countless opportunities await those who dig in and find a home, like I did. If not for my work at the TAS, I would likely not have gone to study political journalism at an internship at Georgetown University, nor would I have had the opportunity to write for nearly every local paper in the Clarksville area including The Leaf-Chronicle after college.

In one way or another, TAS has truly been the impetus behind every step I’ve taken professionally since then. If you’re the competitive type and you commit to some solid work, chances are you’ll have the opportunity to showcase a broad range of talents among peers from other campuses around the region with the Southeast Journalism Conference.

Not only will you add a boost to your skills, but you will be able to let those skills start to work for you. The talents that work together at TAS include: writers; editors; page and graphic designers; online and social media; advertising and business; even the art department has a place for cartoonists. All of these people come together to make one final product. How beautiful is that? And each person can find opportunities to make the most of their work.


Most importantly, what I found is friends for a lifetime through this meeting of the minds. Some of the best friends I’ve ever known shared in the gritty grind of producing a campus newspaper.

The names are too many to give shoutouts here, but wherever you are, you guys know who you are. Those who are most dedicated are among some of the hardest working students on any campus.

Trust me on this. I remember building relationships with some of my favorite people as we cranked out minutes in the office until all hours of the night just to get a page designed perfectly for the upcoming week’s edition, while needing to study for a final exam and working another job.

Sometimes TAS means foregoing a bit of attention to class work, but the result is what you see on the stands today — a newspaper that can hold its ground with some professional publications.

Through my time, I found fun moments inside and outside the office that I will never forget; challenging moments that pushed me to the bounds of my experience and beyond; and a community with which to grow in not only experience, but life.

This account is admittedly lacking in the narratives that I could unfold. Bottom line … I’ll never forget how this period of time shaped my life and the person I was becoming at that time.

That’s why I will always vouch for this newspaper
and encourage anyone to make it a part of their APSU story. And when TAS says, “We’ve got you covered,” take them at their word, they mean it. TAS