Last week, the Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center made the effort to bring some
holiday-themed thankfulness to campus.

On Tuesday Nov. 20, the center hosted a Thanksgiving feast with a powerful message.

The event was called WNDAACC Giving. From noon until 2 p.m., students were invited to share in a feast catered by Miss Jazzy’s Comfort To Go.

The WNDAACC staff rolled up their sleeves and served the multitude of hungry students.

During the festivities, the center was packed with plenty of students desiring to get good food before going home for the break.

Like most campus events that include free food, it was important to get there early.

Jaime Roland, junior, works at WNDAACC.

“The WNDAACC Giving was a great turn out, there was a line of students wrapped around the tables at [noon],” Roland said.

Participants were promised food while supplies last. With hungry college students showing up late to the event involved the risk of missing out.

Traditional Thanksgiving Day comfort food was served. Everyone was able to enjoy ham, turkey, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and more.

“The food was amazing and went fast,” Roland said.

WNDAACC managed to put a creative twist on the idea of Thanksgiving dinner.

As it is tradition to share what we are thankful for each Thanksgiving, students were asked to write on the paper tablecloth while eating and list the things that made them feel thankful.

Adding to the table covering during dinner brought out gratitude for the simple things that most people take for granted every day.

Most students listed things like family, friends and opportunities.

There was plenty of fellowship, fun and laughter among students.

As the music played softly, friends gathered and sang with one another.

The best part of the event besides the food was how effectively the staff incorporated the spirit of giving thanks and appreciating others.

Khilee Sims, junior, was proud of how well the event went.

“It was comforting. I felt like I was family,” Sims said.

This was an opportunity for students who may not be traveling home to have a Thanksgiving. The center hosts this event every year.