The crowd screams out for many parts of APSU’s athletic teams during games, but one that makes a unique touch in performance is the APSU dance team. Taylor Lynn, a senior at APSU and a member of the dance team for four years, describes how making those routines come together takes a lot more time then people might believe.

Graphic based on Taylor Lynn performing
– Hannah Vaughn

“There is a lot of hard work that goes into being on the dance team, some that’s seen and some that’s not,” Lynn said. “We practice three times a week, if not more, and then we practice to perform for home football games and basketball games.”

Every summer, she and her team attend camp at ETSU and travel with the basketball teams to the OVC tournaments. For Lynn, dancing is a passion for her. Lynn has danced throughout her high school years and said it feels great “to grow every year and to become a better person all together.”

While at ETSU, the team learns different dances for pre-competition routines. They tend to learn different styles and showcase them in different football games.

“As a team we are split up into different styles, like pop,hip-hop and jazz,” Lynn said. “We are also going to Nationals this year in January, so we will be learning our routine actually in two weeks.”

In UDA camp, their performance earned them a perfect score. To Lynn, it was very rewarding because she and her team practiced on a constant basis before camp and worked hard to deliver the performance during camp.

It felt really good to get what we deserved

Senior dance team member Taylor Lynn


Lynn said that she and the team practiced “from sun up to sundown.”

“It makes us feel so relieved because we worked so hard to get all the awards we got a camp,” Lynn said. “It feels really good to get what we deserved.”

Lynn also said she has great confidence in her team, every year the team becomes closer with each other and they get better and better. They have an upcoming performance in Nashville this year. Lynn shouts this message out to her teammates “keep doing what we are doing, keep being a family and keep strengthening our bonds.”

Lynn and the dance team work very hard to give an outstanding performance at each game. Let’s wish them the best of luck with their performance in Nashville this year.