A deadly shooting occurred at an early Halloween party near Dover road over the weekend.

Shakar Donte Drones | Contributed Photo

The shooting, which left two dead, happened Saturday, Oct. 27, at a house party on High Point Road attended by “anywhere between 200 and 500 people,” according to a press release from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

The two victims have been identified as Jecarvin Brown, 20, and Jason Lee Rose, 21. The two were killed after an altercation at the party.

Five suspects have been taken into custody and charged.

The alleged shooter, Shakar Donte Drones, 18, a Clarksville resident, was “charged with two counts of criminal homicide” according to the press release, and, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office website, one count of evading arrest.

Each homicide charge carries a bond of $1 million, and the evading arrest charge carries an additional $1,000 bond, for a total bond of $2,001,000.

Four others, Harold Mosquera, 18, Sydnee Moore, 22, Andre Nathaniel Adams, 21, and Courtney Nathaniel Hardiman, 19, were each charged with “being accessories after the fact in the criminal homicide,” according to the press release.

They were each charged with one count per homicide, according to the Montgomery County Sherriff’s Office website, with each charge carrying a $50,000 bond, for a total bond of $100,000 for each of the four people charged.

“Apparenty the suspect and Brown were fighting when the suspect shot Brown,” said Billy Batson, investigator for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. “Rose had run over to Mr. Brown and was attempting to help him when he, too, was shot.”

According to the press release, a witness saw the suspect shoot Brown and Rose at around 1:49 a.m. Then the suspect fled the scene in a vehicle with several other men. “After that, it was utter chaos,” Batson said.

Many of the people in attendance then attempted to leave the scene immediately after the shooting, “with hundreds being stuck on High Point Road,” according to the press release.

A witness and APSU junior music major said the party had begun with several small fights and crowd surfing. “It was a really crazy environment,” he said.

He said he remembers his friend saying that someone had a gun and they needed to leave. When the

witness and his friends got to the vehicle, they stood waiting for another friend to catch up and that is when they heard the alleged shooter shouting.

“I was two feet away from it,” the witness said.

He said after the alleged shooter started yelling about having a gun, he then fired three shots in a row.

The witness and his friends said they ran back towards the cabin and hid waiting for the chaos to die down before leaving.

Another witness, a senior business major, said he didn’t actually see the shooting, but heard gunfire.

“At first I didn’t think it was real. Then … people started running. I just took cover behind a tree,” he said. “I was more calm than I thought I would be. As soon as I was in the car, everything was fine. As soon as I saw the cops I knew it was over.”

Batson said the hard work of the  Highway Patrol and Clarksville Police Department, along with patrol officers, helped them to secure the area, interview hundreds of witnesses and gain the information they needed.

A witness provided a description of the vehicle, which enabled a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer to identify and stop a car containing the suspects.

Two guns were found in the vehicle, one of which matched the type of shell casings found at the scene.

After police interviewed the men in the car, the suspects were charged and booked into the Montgomery County Jail, according to the press release.

“I’m proud of all the responding agencies that worked together to make this happen,” said Chief Deputy John Smith. “It’s that type of cooperation the public expects and it allowed us to quickly find and charge those accountable.”

Authorities had been called to the area earlier that evening “because of loud noise” and investigated to see if any illegal activities, such as underage drinking were taking place, but found no evidence of illegal activity at that time.