When I learned that there was going to be another Superman television series premiering on the CW network, I was a little skeptical.

I have seen so many versions of this iconic hero, with so many different actor portrayals I wasn’t sure where they could go next with this character.

Don’t get me wrong, Superman is one of my favorite superheroes, but it’s difficult to envision how else to tell his story.

I grew up with Christopher Reeve dawning the famous red and blue suit in the movies. I also enjoyed watching Tom Welling portray the teenage version of Superman in the series Smallville, which was also featured on the CW.

I could go on all day about the different actors and films that brought this character to life in full color, and black and white. (Homage to George Reeves)

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the direction the new series Superman & Lois is taking. The new version of the story adds a more human element to the tale of this fabled character.

I always thought that they should have continued the story where the series Smallville ended, and in its own way, it has. Since, by the end of the first episode they return back to Clark Kent’s hometown.

Without revealing too many spoilers, I think the series has great potential. Superman is married to Lois, and they have twin teenage sons. The reason there is a more humanity sense to the new version of the story is because of them.

Yes, he still flies around the world saving people, but he now has family obligations and teenage boys to deal with. This, to me is what gives this show a closer connection to fans.

The two boys struggle with typical teenager problems as well, which adds even more of that human component.

The show is also set in the modern era, where people have cell phones and pretty much film everything that they see, so I can definitely see that being a factor in future episodes, especially with his two boys.

A nemesis of Superman’s also makes an appearance in the series. This is a reimagination of a classic villain, so it will be interesting to see the new story behind this character as well.

Another element that gives the series future potential is its connection to what is known as the ‘Arrowverse.’ Just as the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) connects all of the Avengers and other Marvel characters together, the ‘Arrowverse’ connects all of the Superhero series featured on the CW network. There is a good chance that other familiar superheroes may drop in for a visit on future episodes as a result.

So far, only the pilot episode has aired, but I am very intrigued and looking forward to following this new Superman adventure.