Ashley Thompson | Features Writer

When summer rolls around and the finals cramming is over, students get ready to move out and start their summers. Some students say the spend it relaxing, while others get new summer jobs or attend festivals. With a three-month break there are endless possibilities for students.

During the summer, the heat and a combination of someone’s favorite hit artist at a music festival are a go-to popular event, especially among college students. According to Billboard, at least 32 million people go to music festivals each year in the U.S.

“I’m going to Bonaroo and I’m really excited. It’s camping outside for four days and I can’t wait for school to be over so my brain will be able to take a break,” freshman broadcasting major Karina Galvan said.

If not attending festivals there is the at home route as well since most students who lived on campus go back home.

“I don’t have any big plans. I’m probably just going to work and help my mom out with taking care of our chickens,” freshman math major Natalie Spears said.

“We are redoing our house and we are going to the beach,” freshman communications major Libby Whitley said.

Some students have jobs on campus or attend Greek life as well so when summer hits they still come over to APSU. Sophomore broadcasting major Tre Hall mentioned his plans with the fraternity taking up a lot of his summer.

“My plans are very fraternity related,” Hall said. “Outside of occasionally going home I’ll be doing a lot of recruitment and traveling between home and Clarksville. I’m currently searching for a job to make a little extra money but outside of that I’ll be running on savings.”

There is so much that can be done in a three-month break, and when papers have run your life for a semester, festivals or just relaxing at home make for a new touch.

Summer brings the hopefully warmer weather, opportunities for outdoor events and good settings to do some renovations. It opens a variety of chances to just take a breather from school for three months, even if a summer job is involved. Despite the stresses of the academic year coming to a close, students are finding ways to alleviate the stress and take a breath in preparation for the next semester.