The Facebook group “Students against freshmen getting Harvill, Sevier and Blount” was started by APSU student Tammy Ebel in response to the new freshmen experience change to housing expected in Fall 2011. As of press time, Monday, Nov. 15, the group had 171 members.

Erika Lanzer, junior nursing major, said when she found out about the housing changes she was extremely frustrated and disappointed.
“I have lived in Harvill Hall all three years. I definitely feel like Harvill is my home away from home. I have met so many great people there and enjoy meeting the new freshman every year.”

On the page many students posted issues with the difference in housing costs. Lanzer said a big issue is the increase in housing costs. “It’s already a struggle right now to afford my housing, let alone something like Hand Village or Meacham.”

“We are going to try to equalize those rates,” said Joe Mills, director of Housing/Residence Life and Dining Services. He said rates for fall have not been set yet but the rates are expected in 30 days.

The difference between Harvill and Meacham rates is $205 and that equals $11 a week for the semester. The upperclassmen are now going to apartment style living. “[Upperclassmen] are getting more options,” Mills said.

Harvill will be reserved for freshmen only Honors and PELP (President’s Emerging Leaders Program). “Since I am a nursing major, I have worked extremely hard to keep the grades to stay in Harvill and with this housing change it’s like all the hard work was for nothing,” Lanzer said.

Students posted issues with freshmen receiving the new dorms and dorms closer to campus.

“What we are trying to do is we’re moving to a freshman experience with double bed rooms in order to get them connected to the university,” Mills said.

Mills said there have been complaints about the condition of Cross, Killebrew and Rawlins. So those dorms are being torn down. “We are trying to improve campus and sometimes people don’t agree with the changes that happen.”

Several students posted issues with being able to room with friends or family members that are incoming freshmen but now they will not be able to. “We haven’t really dealt with that. We are trying to stick with the freshman only buildings,” Mills said.

Students posted concerns on the Facebook page with having enough rooms for upperclassmen and wondering where they were going to live come Fall 2011.

“We always give returning students first shot at the rooms and then we are going to assign freshmen to dorms,” Mills said.

“This should actually work in favor to upperclassmen because they’ll have rooms dedicated just to them.”

Mills said if students want to see him and discuss their issues with the housing changes they are welcome to call the Housing office at (931)221-7444 and set up an appointment.

“I hope that us as a student body can do something to change this current situation that will make living on campus beneficial for everyone.” Lanzer said. TAS