» By Jenelle Grewell & Kimberly Wallace
Editor-in -Chief & Guest Writer

In last week’s Spring 2013 Student Government Association elections, 683 students participated and voted for the next academic year’s SGA senators and executive officers.
Michael Rainier was elected the next SGA President for the 2013 – 2014 school year.

All executive board positions, except Vice President, were unopposed with Jessica Dillingham winning the V.P. position against Patrick Grady. Leah Henson was elected as Executive Secretary. Chief Justice, Kelsey Smith, was appointed by interview on Monday, April 8.

President Tim Hall will swear the four members of the executive board into office Thursday, April 11, during the Student Leader and Organization Awards.

Jawaun Rogers, SGA’s current chief justice talked about how the new polling stations, as well as a prize incentives, helped obtain a more quality vote.

Class Senators went to Christopher Hayes as the Senior Senator; Junior Senator went to Daniel Pitts; and Sophomore Senator went to Thomas Thorton.

The Senators from each respective college were also elected this past week. From the College of Arts and Letters Danielle Hunter, Caitlyn Linden, and Robert Murry Young were elected. The College of Business Senators are Daniel Anderson, Brena Andring, and Keyana Peebles.

The Senator seats for the College of Education went to Lauren Williams, Tiffany D. Anderson, and Kimberly H. Messer.

Ian Lucas, Sierra Miller, Brenna Sovine were elected to be the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences Senators. The College of Science and Mathematics Senator seats went to Taylor Gaston, Dominik Shannon, and Molly Silkowski.

Five freshman and two graduate senators will be elected during the fall election process in September 2013. All new senators will be sworn into office during the first senate meeting in September 2013.

Rogers stated, “I truly believe we will continue to see a positive change when it comes to SGA elections in the future.”