Students of Austin Peay gather in the Quad with pride flags and more to help raise money for the Trevor Project on Wednesday, March 22. Photos by Chalise Miller I The All State.
Chalk art is seen using colors used in the transgender flag, displaying a body with top surgery scars, saying “Self Made Man”. Photo by Chalise Miller
Clarksville Urban Ministries set up their tent along with resources for people in the Quad area. Photo taken by Chalise Miller

Austin Peay housing hosted a pride festival on March 22, 2023, with a goal of raising 1,000 dollars for The Trevor Project, a nonprofit crisis intervention service for LGBTQIA+

Not only did the pride festival meet the 1,000-dollar goal, but it exceeded it due to generous donations.

Senior nursing major Jessica Loney, who was in charge of the fundraiser, stated, “I feel amazing that the event was able to make such an impact. We raised $1,073 with our ambitious goal of $1000. Our previous event raised $157. I am very proud and grateful that so many people banded together to help raise money for such a good cause.”

The pride festival left a positive impact on its attendees as many felt recognized and comforted in allyship.

Senior theater major Essence Addins stated, “It makes me feel great that the community is being open. In five years, I have never seen an LGBTQ event present. It feels great to see recognition. It shows that APSU is very inclusive and diverse.”

With such a grand event and the feeling of inclusiveness and belonging, it is easy to see why Austin Peay is growing in areas to help LGBTQIA+ feel welcome.

Senior art major Lashadia Conner said, “It expresses what everyone wants to feel.”