The Student Government Association gathered for a meeting Wednesday, Sept. 26 in the MUC 307 at 6 p.m.

Vice President Trenton Delane opened the meeting asking for statements from students who would like to voice their concerns.

Two students proposed their concerns of discrimination on campus to be investigated and reviewed.

The meeting was turned over to President Courtney Covington in which he introduced two guest speakers. Darryl Anderson and Jennifer Malotte are representatives of Govs Tech – Office of Information Technology.

Anderson presented Govs Tech’s new website and features they provide as well as programs and resources that are free for all students.

“As an Austin Peay student, you have access to a free account. It authenticates with your Austin Peay email address,” Anderson said. “Lynda is thousands and thousands of pages of simple help videos on a variety of subjects, anything you could probably think of.”

Anderson continued, adding another point. “Basically a lot of professors like to use it as a part of their class, and if you are a student, what I would use it for is making sure I understand what it is I am typically taught in the class.”

Anderson also introduced “” to the representatives of SGA.

“Zoom is another free application available to you as an Austin Peay student. It’s a collaboration and communications tool. It lets you do group video chats, conference calls, collaboration screen sharing across any platform; PC, macOS, iOS, Android,” Anderson said. “You can use your smart device, you can set it up and have meetings like this.”

OIT sends out messages to all students when something has happened, broken or offline.

These messages come from Jennifer Malotte.

“Is it because the amount of students we have using the WiFi why the WiFi is not as strong?” Senator Lamarkus Day asked.

“If the signal strength is not good, usually that’s something interfering,” Malotte responded. “If you have good signal strength and you can connect and its slow, that’s usually the number of people online. So, what we’re doing is we have persistent tools where we can do scans of our wireless network. That helps us with the coverage and we’re working to expand that into some areas.”

Legislation will be presented in the next SGA meeting Wednesday, Oct. 3.

Chief Justice Ashlyn Whittaker spoke about the Wyatt Awards held in April 2019 as well as MudBowl which is Sunday, Oct. 7.

There were 120 Tribunal appeals.

The BCycle Twitter Contest ended Sept. 28. Students had the chance to enter and win a gift card, and swag bag of APSU gear. Rules were to take a selfie with the new BCycles on campus, tweet the photo using #PEAYCycle, and follow @austinpeay on Twitter. Winners will be notified on Oct. 3.

AP Day will be held Oct. 6. and Nov. 23 10:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Jasmin Thigpen was ratified into the graduate senator position and Jacob Krebs was ratified into the undergraduate senator position.

Dean Singleton mentioned a few announcements.

“September is National Suicide Prevention Month historically across the country. One of the things that we wanted to do although, traditionally on our campus we have done some silent programming to bring awareness to that topic,” Singleton said. “But, during the month of October, we want to, out of the division of student affairs, to focus on at least one program a week to address the topic of suicide prevention.”

On Oct. 9th, there will be a QPR Workshop at 5:00 p.m. in the UC, room 307.

On Oct. 17th, there will be a Suicide Awareness Table 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., in the UC Lobby.

On Oct. 25th, there will be a screening of “The S Word” 5:00 p.m., in the UC, room 307.

The meeting lasted exactly one hour.