Director of University Center Facilities and Services Andy Kean made a special presentation on Wednesday, Oct. 21 at the SGA meeting to request they spend $9,000 on four 50-inch high-definition TVs to be placed outside of Einstein Bros. Bagels.

Kean said he wishes to buy the HDTVs in order to cut down on the number of fliers and A-frame billboards in the MUC, because they are fire hazards blocking entrances and exits.

The HDTVs would display announcements, news and advertisements relevant to students in a cycle all day.

Kean said the cost of the HDTVs would come from their commercial grade quality and the software used to run the advertisements and connect all four screens together.

All the HDTVs would be connected and arranged in a rectangle and have the ability to display information on one screen or any combination of screens, similar to other systems seen in restaurants and stores.

SGA tabled the discussion and vote on the request until their next meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 28.

Sen. Frank E. Burns Jr. introduced Resolution No. 11 during the meeting, looking to create plots for the National Pan-Hellenic Council Greek organizations on campus that give the organizations meeting places with information about the organization.

The resolution references the cultural importance of the traditionally-African-American NPHC organizations and says building the plots “would progress the image of diversity here at APSU.”

NPHC plots are areas on campus designated as meeting places of NPHC organizations’ values, culture and events.

Often the plots have information about each of the NPHC organizations on campus and feature benches or seats where students and alumni may sit and reflect.

Burns also introduced Resolution No. 10 requesting that Chartwells turn unused meals into meal vouchers to feed underserved students. This would be optional for students.

The vouchers would be donated to the Service Learning Center where students in need could go for meals.

Sen. Dominic Critchlow’s Resolution No. 8 suggesting skateboards be allowed on campus passed, as well as Critchlow’s Resolution No. 9 requesting a bike rack be installed outside the Ann Ross Bookstore.

Critchlow’s skateboarding resolution will be sent to the University Policy Committee for further review before being implemented or rejected.

Two acts were introduced to senate, the first by freshman Sen. Colin Crist and the second by Sen. Lydia Bullock.

Crist’s Act No. 5 looks to ban cellphone usage by senators and Executive Council members during SGA meetings.

The act states offenders will be warned once per semester and every subsequent offense will count as an absence.

Offending senators would lose voting rights for the meeting.

Bullock’s Act No. 6 seeks to put a one week limit on the time legislation can go unsigned by its author before becoming void.

Voided legislation would not be able to be reintroduced until the next iteration of SGA.

The next meeting of SGA will be Wednesday, Oct. 28 in MUC 307 at 4 p.m.