Steven Prescott | Staff Writer

SGA passed a vote that could change APSU’s academic calendar. Resolution No. 4 Calls for the Office of the Registrar to make adjustments aligning the university’s Spring Break with the Clarksville-Montgomery School System.

Sen. Lane Manley challenged the decision and told colleagues that it would shorten the breaks allotted to APSU students. Manley also wondered about the non-tradition population at APSU.

Kessler responded to Manley’s question asking for the non-traditional student population.

“As of last year, approximately 25 percent of APSU students were non-traditional,” Kessler said.

Kessler told senators that the legislation was not meant to take away time from any student.

“The goal is to try to [have APSU] work with the school system so that students could spend more time with their kids and avoid scheduling conflicts,” Kessler said.

After more debate, a motion to move to the previous question resulted in a vote favoring the resolution’s passage.

Senator Jonathan Jeanis introduced Resolution No. 5 suggesting a formal letter being sent to APSU’s food contractor allow more than three uses a day and or roll overs for the limited dining plans.

Dining plans at APSU are backed by Chartwells, a subsidiary of The Compass Group. Chartwells allows three meal swipes per day, including an exchange of up to $6.25 per meal at areas other than the cafeteria.

“It [is] unfair because you pay for almost every meal in that calculation and being restricted like that for a lot of students means forfeiting something that has a tangible cost associated with it” Nick Lee, a senior English major in the College of Arts and Letters said.

Other campuses serviced by Chartwells do not all face this three meal a day restriction, according to the company’s various webpages.

Disclosure: Chartwells has an advertising relationship with The All State.

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