Student senators heard three resolutions in the SGA meeting on Sept. 27.

Senator Courtney Covington presented two resolutions which he said are intended to help students at APSU.

The first resolves is to send a formal request to APSU’s Physical Plant to immediately coordinate removal of a dumpster near Blount and Sevier Halls.

“It does not make sense for a dumpster to be in such plain view of one of the most popular eating spots on campus,” Covington said.

Covington also sponsors a proposal to draft a formal letter to David Davenport, Director of the Foy Fitness & Recreation Center. He wants the Foy to consider purchasing ENOs, a type of hammock, for students.

Like previous resolutions, final decision for these types of requests rests with the University.

Senator Trenton Delane introduced the third resolution. He wants to implement two parking spaces per townhouse in Greek Village. If approved, the request will go to APSU’s Parking Committee for evaluation and review.

“Residential parking for students in Greek Village would provide equal opportunity for those living in the townhouses,” Delane wrote.

APSU’s housing website does not list Greek Village or any fraternity or sorority townhouses as official living spaces on campus.

“The individual chapters often rent this space and some do have residents living there,” Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Stephen Dominy said. “The students who reside there may need that space.”

The lot is currently classified as overflow parking.

Dominy said while parking is not currently an issue in Greek Village, he agrees that the resolution is a preventative measure.

Greek Village is comprised of 12 townhouses with approximately 33 spots for parking.

The All State will continue to provide coverage of these resolutions and SGA’s Student Senate.