During the SGA meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 24, Dean Greg Singleton brought up several proposed changes to the Student Code of Conduct that have already been approved by the SGA Senate, SGA Tribunal and a review committee.

There are nine major changes in all. They consist of rules currently on the books but not written into the code of conduct, as well as refining definitions. For the next school year, the proposed changes would forbid mace and/or pepper spray in the code of conduct.

Rollerblading and skateboarding will also be outlawed, as well as a requirement that all bicycle riders adhere to the Tennessee state laws pertaining to bicycles.

The time suggested to allow students for crossing campus between classes has been increased from five to 10 minutes to 10 to fifteen minutes. Parking spaces will be defined as locations designated for parking by at least two lines.  The rules for when parking regulations are enforced are also changing.

The current rules state the parking regulations are not enforced from 4 p.m. to 6 a.m. The change will extend the hours to 8 a.m.  White striped areas will be off limits for parking, just as yellow striped areas are currently.

Disabled students and faculty with a “disabled driver” license plate, personalized plate or a permanent or temporary placard will be able to park in any spot available with the exception of those reserved for emergency and maintenance vehicles.

Disabled veteran plates must bear the appropriate emblem.

Fines will be able to be paid via AP OneStop or the cashier’s office in the Browning Building.

The changes still need to be reviewed and approved by APSU President Timothy Hall, university attorney Stephanie Reevers and Sherryl Byrd, vice president of student affairs, before they are submitted to Tennessee Board of Regents for final review and approval. They are scheduled to be put into effect for the 2013-2014 academic year.

This week, the SGA Senate also passed a resolution to repair outdoor cork bulletins on campus put forth by senior senator Sarah Simpson. It was passed with only one abstention. The resolution is the third put forth this semester and the third passed.

Resolution No. 3 states its goal is to “send a formal recommendation to the Physical Plant asking them to replace the cork on the bulletin boards that are located outside and to enclose the bulletin boards ensuring the new cork and all flyers inside remain dry.”

According to Singleton, the cost of the replacements and enhancements would be negligible.

Earlier in the week, the SGA sponsored a homecoming T-shirt giveaway. Every shirt ordered was given away, which amounted to 1,500 shirts distributed to the student community.

SGA meets in UC 303 every Wednesday. Meetings begin at 4 p.m. and students are encouraged to attend to voice concerns. The first 10 minutes of each meeting are set aside for such concerns to be heard by the SGA Senate and Executive Council.