The Student Government Association (SGA) has announced the three presidential candidates on the ballot for the upcoming year. Junior physics major Colin Crist said he has proven, through his work for APSU’s campus as well as his community, that he is deserving of his candidacy.

Venturing into his freshman year of college, Crist was looking for an organization he could dedicate his time to and positively impact.

“The benefits of student government were quite clear,” Crist said. “The networking opportunities…produced an environment in which I could grow and develop.”

Ever since he was a child, Crist strived for excellence wherever he could. Despite being part of the SGA for three years, he is also a proud member of APSU’s Army ROTC program. This program tends to require commitments off campus.

Last summer, Crist spent a month training at Fort Knox. This summer, he will leave for another month to an advanced camp at Fort Knox.

He attributes most of his leadership qualities to the hard work and valuable training he has experienced with the program.

Crist served as a Structured Learning Assistance Leader, a peer leader, Vice President of Programing on the Interfraternity Council and is currently in the Honor’s Program as well as the President’s Emerging Leader’s Program. He served two years as Senator and one year on the executive council in the SGA. He has been on the forefront of major events like the Mudbowl, GHOST and the Big Event on campus.

He said this list of accolades is a testament to what exactly he can offer as President of SGA, because having yet to spread himself too thin, Crist has maintained a 3.61 GPA.

“What I offer the student body is an experienced leader who still wishes to grow,” Crist said, “a man who will put in the hours and work to build up an organization he’s been a part of for his entire time at APSU.”

As Senator, Crist offered various legislation that altered SGA guidelines. One resolution he offered gave APSU’s student government an official stance on the state’s FOCUS act.

This act initially prevented students to have enough power to influence change on campus by diminishing the power of the student member of the board of trustees. Despite his efforts, the state legislature passed the FOCUS Act.

“Student government should be an outlet for change on campus,” Crist said. “It should be an organization where students can come and freely express concerns regarding campus life.”

Recently Crist passed legislation that affects the planning process of major events hosted by the SGA. Now, a committee of senators will be tasked to each person behind the events. This way, more ideas will be shared in turn making each event run smoothly.

Aside from his work on campus, he has collected governmental and political experience through attending the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature.

This is a time where students from across the state come together and write legislation that will in turn promote positive change.

Similarly, Crist has set time to help the community. Most recently, Crist volunteered for over a week in Trinidad and Tobago in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Crist was also a founding member of Relay for Life. This is an organization that raises money for the American Cancer Society. He is now Relay’s student advisor.

“As president, my top priorities will be to facilitate that connection between the student voice and the administration and to refine and revise SGA’s major events,” Crist said. “SGA can be great; it just will take the dedication and long hours of a strong President.”