The SGA passed three acts and senators proposed four new pieces of legislation during the meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Act No. 1 was passed, which will push the SGA to begin publicly publishing the voting records of senators. Senator Chris Hayes, who sponsored the bill, said its goal was to allow the SGA to “be more open to the student body.”

Act No. 2 was passed, which clarifies and expands legislation responsibilities of senators.

Act No. 3 was also passed, which defines the veto power of the SGA president.

Seantor Jed Dugger proposed Act No. 4, which aims to end SGA discrimination “against students who take advantage of multiple dual enrollment and AP credit opportunities.”

If passed, the bill will require the SGA to elect senators according to the number of credit hours earned and not semesters spent on campus.

Dugger also proposed Act No. 5, which intends to complete academic qualifications for legislative branch members of the SGA.

If passed, the bill will require freshman senators to have a high school GPA of “at least 2.75 on a 4.0 scale” and graduate senators with no graduate credit to have an undergraduate GPA of “at least 2.745 on a 4.0 scale.”

Resolution No. 5, sponsored by Senators Thomas Thornton and Chris Tablack, plans to send “a formal recommendation to the Physical Plant to install a sidewalk along the intramural fields side of the road on Marion Street.”

The sidewalk, according to the resolution, will “reduce the number of pedestrians crossing Marion Street” and “increase the amount of paved access to the fields,” while also increasing “the aesthetic appeal of the campus.”

Senator Tabitha Montague proposed Resolution No. 6, which aims to “improve voting participation” in SGA elections by requesting information technology aid to improve online voting, making it “more widely known, more easily accessible and more user-friendly.”

Resolution No. 7, which aims to request more vegetarian food options on campus, was proposed by Senators Ben Pafford and Danielle Hunter.

The bill will have the SGA send a formal recommendation to the APSU Dining Services and Chartwells.

The bill states “meeting the needs for a vegetarian diet is necessary in being an all-inclusive institution.”