By Steven Prescott

SGA passed Act No. 2, calling for the creation of committees to handle SGA events.

Act No. 2, presented by Sen. Gabriel Spring, calls for Mudbowl, G.H.O.S.T. and the Big Event to have individual commits to “improve the efficiency and quality of SGA events.”

“Initially all of the major events were led by a single person. What we are doing with Act No. 2 is to work in everyone else’s ideas,” Spring said.

SGA voiced a number of concerns regarding who would serve on what committee, which of them were top priority and where the most coveted spots would go.

Sen. Duane Kessler voted against the proposal foreseeing a situation where everyone wants the same committee and one getting left behind in the process.

“I like the idea of establishing committees, but i think that making it mandatory is a bad idea,” Kessler said.

Spring said that previous wording of the bill may have caused confusion but says that this revision is much clearer and caller out those who voted against it.

“I personally believe it was an increase [in] responsibility. A lot of people want to know why they have to do something additional,” Spring said.

In a previous session, SGA passed Act No. 3.

It called for the removal of previous legislation restricting SGA senators from being the non-voting student representative for the University Board of Trustees.

With this being passed, it will allow for students to serve as both an SGA senator and the student representative on the board.

There was no new business introduced next week.

SGA formally meets every Wednesday at 5:00 pm in the Morgan University Center. Meetings are open to the public.

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