The Student Government Association introduced five different pieces of legislation during their meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

Former Sen. Jay Alvarez introduced Resolution No. 2 that calls for the creation of sleeping pods on campus. Sleeping pods are special chairs designed specifically for sleeping. Alvarez said APSU would be ideal for this type of addition as it is a commuter campus. Sleeping pods are a part of campuses such as University of California Berkeley and the University of Miami and are intended for exhausted students.

Alvarez also introduced Resolution No. 3 which would reduce the number of papers produced by The All State by 30 percent.

“Reducing the number of copies produced will save the university money that can now be used to better benefit our students” Alvarez said. It is worth noting that student activity fees do not fund The All State and printing of The All State is strictly funded by advertising revenue.

Resolution No. 4, introduced by Tribunal Justice Jacob Robertson, would grant Del Square Psi funds to provide purchase 5,000 special viewing glasses for the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017. According to the legislation, APSU “will receive national attention as one of the best locations to view the total solar eclipse,” and providing equipment for the event would “demonstrate [SGA and Del Square Psi’s] commitment to the students of APSU.”

Resolution No. 5, authored by Sen. Sara Alexander, calls for proper signage on campus indicating which areas of campus prohibit firearms. A Tennessee state law passed in June allows certain university faculty members to carry concealed firearms on campus, but certain areas still have restrictions including “stadiums, gymnasiums and auditoriums when school sponsored events are in progress.”

Resolution No. 6, authored by Sen. Daisia Frank, calls for a short biography describing candidates as they appear on SGA ballots during elections.

“Including a short biography will eliminate the belief that Student Government elections are based on popularity rather than beneficial qualities” Frank said.

President Ryan Honea recognized The All State and its Editor-in-Chief Celeste Malone with a certificate of appreciation. Honea also presented Malone and several senators with their official membership into the Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honors Society.