The Student Government Association and the American Red Cross held their annual blood drive Wednesday, Feb. 11, and Thursday, Feb. 12, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the MUC ballroom.

“We collect blood for people who are sick or have injuries; if they need it, we provide it,” said Lisa Maxwell, the supervisor for the Red Cross at the event. Maxwell has been with the Red Cross for eight years.

The blood drive has several steps, Maxwell said. First, volunteers read a set of materials to ensure they are eligible. Then they measure vital signs and ask questions; if the answers are appropriate, workers then draw the blood.

“I enjoy this work because it helps save lives,” Maxwell said. “Events like this help raise awareness, and APSU has been very helpful and cooperative.”

Tina Porter, a nursing student and public relations officer for the Student Nursing Association, agreed. “People are in accidents every day, and the blood we give goes to people who need it most to save their lives,” Porter said.

Porter said she thinks there could be improvements to the process, though. “I think we need to get more people involved and get the word out [better],” Porter said.

The Red Cross’s website has a section with information on hosting blood donation drives. The blood drive host needs to offer a suitable location, help recruit donors within the organization, publicize the drive and schedule donors for their appointments, according to the website. In turn, the Red Cross will help determine how many donors to expect and how to recruit them, screen donors, collect donations, supply equipment and help organize the drive.