» By Lauren Cottle
News Editor

The Student Government Association met Wednesday, Jan. 29. SGA Executive Secretary Daniel Anderson encouraged senators to apply for executive council. “Many of us will be graduating after this semester,” Anderson said, “so positions will be open.”

Anderson also spoke about an advertising campaign to promote knowledge of SGA legislation. “I’d like to pique interest in the student body by doing something that people care about on campus,” Anderson said.

Payden Hall was appointed as a senator and sworn in by oath of office, led by SGA Chief Justice Kelsey Smith.

Smith reported that Acts No. 7 and No. 8 failed in tribunal. SGA allowed absences remain three per term rather than semester.

Vice President Jessi Dillingham asked each senator to come up with legislation ideas to encourage members to get a head start on writing legislation.

Some ideas brought up include making speed bumps and signs notifying drivers of them around campus more visible to avoid safety hazards and extending cafeteria and other food locations hours.

Senator Chris Tablack spoke about “revisiting the smoking policy on campus to have a different way of enforcing it.” According to Tablack, people smoking in heavily populated campus areas are becoming a problem.

Senator Thomas Thornton seeks to build cell phone chargers and water bottle refilling stations in the Honors Commons.

Senator Chris Hayes brought up keeping the UC open later as an area for social gatherings so the noise level in the library would be reduced. Senator Dan Pitts spoke about refunding The All State.

 Senator Brena Andring spoke of dining services allowing students to purchase more than three meals per day through meal plans, while senator Armany Elraheb spoke about parking ticket notifications being sent to students through email.

Announcements included upcoming deadlines for many applications, such as resident assistant, Govs Ambassador and peer mentor.

Dean Singleton responded to Thornton’s concern about the space in the Foy where Blondie’s was previously.

“There will be something in the Foy, but we are not sure yet what it will be,” Singleton said. “Being in that space is challenging to make money, but it could be successful if it is the right food vendor.” TAS