Resolution No. 4, a bill to update signage on campus, was passed unanimously during the SGA meeting on Wednesday, Oct 16. The resolution was proposed at the Wednesday, Oct. 9 meeting by Senators Chris Hayes and Zach Inman. The legislation aims to update outdated and misleading signage around campus.

At the Wednesday, Oct. 9 meeting, the SGA senators voted to enact Resolution No. 3 as well, a proposal to create a “central repository” for a four-year course plan for different majors.

Executive Secretary Daniel Anderson asked for legislation ideas from senators at the Wednesday, Oct. 16 meeting.

Senator Amany Elraheb said that she would like to see an improved bike rental system for APSU. The current system is run by the Foy and costs $15 per day.

Senator Christopher Tablack is working on getting a crosswalk built between the Marks and Kimbrough buildings.

Senator Daniel Pitts reported that the library get rids of books at the end of the year that are unused, tattered, or one of multiple copies. According to Pitts, the library classifies these books as “surplus personal property.”

Pitts said that other institutions give books such as these away to students on a first come, first serve basis and he would like APSU to do so as well.

Chief Justice Kelsey Smith proposed the idea of having the library open 24 hours during finals week.

Vice President Jessi Dillingham recruited volunteers to pass out homecoming shirts to students. The SGA distributes homecoming shirts to APSU students every year.

“Those are some great legislation ideas,” Dillingham said. “So start writing your legislation now so we can start talking about it.”

President Mike Rainier told senators about the Governor’s Fellowship Program. The program is offered to students who have finished their undergrad.

Accepting five individuals, the program will be salaried full time work for two years and will give students a chance to gain experience in the state government. The program is occurring in August 2014.