On Friday, Nov. 9 the Internal Revenue Service has issued a consumer alert warning about potential scams regarding charitable giving in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastating path through New York and New Jersey. Con artists often impersonate charities to cheat people out of what would be money given in good faith to those in need. Con artists might use social media such as Facebook, phone calls, emails or in-person solicitations to obtain this money. The IRS has issued tips to prevent becoming the victim of these scam artists

  • Donate only to recognized charities. A list of which can be found on the IRS website here
  • If asked for personal information such as social security numbers or credit card or bank account information, refuse, this is a common way for scammers to get your money and steal your identity.
  • Don’t send or give cash.
  • Use a check or credit card for security and tax deduction purposes.

See our edition released on Wednesday, Nov. 21 for more tips on how to avoid scams and examples of scams used against students in the past and ones currently being utilized by con artists.