» By phillip swanson
Staff Wrier

On Friday, April 4, at 11:40 p.m., an individual reported being robbed in the parking lot behind Castle Heights.
The victim said three suspects brandished two handguns and took his money, and a few personal belongings. The suspects were described as three black males in a red Honda Accord. Campus police are currently investigating this incident and no further information has been reported.
On Friday, April 4, 2014 at 6:30 p.m., four APSU police officers arrived at the Foy Fitness and Recreation Center in response to an alleged assault. A male commuter student registered that he had been assaulted by a female commuter student.
According to the statement from the male, he was sitting on the basketball gym bleachers when a few females began to talk at a raised volume towards each other, and not offensively.
He requested for them to “take it down a notch.” He said that as he stood up to walk away, one of the females (female A) said something in his direction, but he could not understand what it was.
He said that as he walked back inside, he stated that the same female yelled at him, “I wasn’t even talking to you stupid ass white boy.” The male responded, “Who you calling stupid ass white boy, take that back to the hood trying to start stuff.” The male said female A then jumped up said, “you got me f—ed up,” and then punched him three times upon the face, where one punch connected to the left side of the face.
According to the statement made by female A, “My friends and I were all sitting in the gym and [the complainant] told my friend that ‘we can hear you, you don’t need to yell’.” Her friend responded, saying they were not talking to him. As the male walked off the court he said they needed to “go back to the hood.”
After that another female threw the male’s bag down. He walked to female A and said “not to touch his s—.” Female A said she didn’t touch his stuff and called her and her friends “a bunch of hood rats.” Female A then said she put her hand on the male’s face and pushed him away. She said that she did not throw any punches. Female A was told not to place her hands on anyone and that the male had the right to press charges for her arrest.
The male had a mark on his face, but it appeared to be old, because it was covered with a scab.
According to the crime report, Sgt. Leston Winters spoke to David Davenport, director of the Foy Center, and advised that both individuals not be allowed access to the Foy until he had spoken with them. Both individuals were escorted out.
On Thursday, April 10, 2014 campus police at Shasteen received a complaint of panhandling.
A commuter student said that on Wednesday, April 9, at 2:30 p.m. in the parking lot on 8th street, a six-foot African-American male with a medium build and short hair stopped the student by his truck and asked for money.
The student told him he didn’t have money. The panhandler asked for a ride down to the gas station. The student refused.
Then the panhandler requested a ride to the stop sign down the road and the student allowed the male to enter his vehicle.
When the student had finished driving him down the street, the panhandler spoke to the student about drugs and would not back away from his vehicle, so the student grabbed his pocket-knife and told the male to move away and drove off.
Campus police showed the student a photo of a man the officer said was the individual, who has an active criminal trespass notice from campus. The officer requested a warrant for criminal trespass. A warrant was taken out with a bond of $1,000. TAS