Rick Griffith, graphic designer and letterpress printer, gave his lecture to introduce his exhibition Echoes that is now on display in The New Gallery.

Griffith talked about what inspired him to start his journey in graphic design, namely Bill Nelson’s Red Noise album.

A man of many trades, Rick created brand identities for pizza places and breweries, installation work that transformed letterforms into concrete sculptures, and even a book store that highlights works from different minority groups.

The greatest take away from his lecture were the many one-liners that were hopefully inspiring and gave some food for thought to those that attended.

“Take the journey of discovering what graphic design means for you.”

“Good design has no victims.”

“It’s important to be interested and interesting.”

“The size of your failure isn’t the size of you.”

“Be seen, be heard, be whole.”

Images from Rick Griffith’s Echoes on display at The New Gallery. || Autumn Maczko TAS

Rick Griffith is currently teaching a graphic design history course brought by the Acuff Chair of Excellence and will be at Austin Peay for the remainder of the semester.

His exhibit will be on display until March 24. His bookstore can be found at shopatmatter.com.