Ashley Thompson | Features Writer

Knowledge is a man’s greatest treasure and free to everyone. There is never an old enough age to stop learning new things or gaining more information about something that is well known.

“Connections,” a monthly event created by the APSU Retirees Association (APSURA), is dedicated to exploring the vastness of knowledge and life so audiences can learn new information on various topics.

All the presentations are free and open to the public, with APSU students encouraged to join.

On Sept. 27, APSURA talked about Shakespeare and the many theories of who he was.

Joe Filippo, a director of ASPURA, and retired English professor Allene Phy-Olsen led the discussion.

“There is an allure of mystery about Shakespeare. A lot of speculation has been made up about Shakespeare and it leaves me to wonder who Shakespeare really is. He is appealing because he is a lot like ‘The Dark Lady,’ mysterious,” Filippo said.

Fillippo said he chose to speak on Shakespeare with Allene Phy-Olsen because there are many theories behind who William Shakespeare truly was and why he wrote.

“I think the reason Shakespeare connects so well to humans is because he speaks to the human condition everywhere. Love connects to all things and Shakespeare spoke of the many ways love can be felt, so people feel a connection to that,” Phy-Olsen said.

“Connections” plans to do events involving a variety of topics. Next month, the group plans to have Jim Thompson speak about the five mass extinctions known for planet Earth and whether a sixth is likely to happen.

ASPURA wants “Connections” to continue growing knowledge in the public. The next event will take place in the Maynard building, Room 242, on Oct. 25, at 7 p.m.

“There is no pre-registration required for ‘Connections’ either because the association hopes to have people come by, learn and enjoy the experiences,” ASPURA president David Kanervo said.