Tear filled eyes roamed around the silent ballroom at the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance’s even.

Guests looked on in horror as they read the stories on wooden silhouettes that surrounded the room.

Each year, the FMLA partners with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office to put on the “Remember My Name” display and presentation. In honor of domestic awareness month, students and Montgomery County residents gathered to acknowledge the lives lost to and currently living through domestic violence.

Each silhouette represented a member of Montgomery County that had been murdered through an act of domestic violence.

“To be honest it is really surprising to see how many are from this area,” said Sarah and Emily Elias, students at APSU. “I’m glad APSU does this because I feel like domestic violence awareness month is overlooked.”

In addition to the silhouette display, representatives from the Montgomery County Safe House and sheriff’s office were present to offer support to those currently experiencing domestic violence.

APSU’s Counseling Services and Sexual Assault Response Team also attended to provide information on how to handle and prevent the issue.

“It is crucial that we be here because domestic violence does not discriminate gender, age, or culture,” said the sheriff’s office representative. “We want the students to be on the lookout for this so we can start to put an end to it.”

Those who have dedicated their lives to ending domestic violence shared their stories and how it has led them to view the issue.

“I hate being called victim,” said Dorlisha White, a domestic violence survivor. “That term makes me cringe, I am not a victim, I am a survivor.”

The FMLA holds this event every fall to help raise awareness for an issue they feel is often dismissed and overlooked.

“Our goal to reach out to the student body to help them understand that domestic violence is a major issue, and with their participation it can be stopped,” said President Jordan Adams.

The FMLA hopes to bring in a bigger crowd each year to build a community that is aware, alert and willing to take a stand against domestic violence.