By Kameron Whitmore

The APSU women’s volleyball team (4-13,2-1 OVC) played the Southeast
Redhawks (10-7,2-1) at home on October 4. The ladies went five straight sets (21-25, 27-29, 25-20, 29-27, 13-15) having everyone on their feet during the game with senior Ginny Gerig having a career-high defensive game.
Also, she had a career high of 46 digs in one game but even with that Govs still fell short to the Redhawks.
After coming off of a win against Eastern Illinois, APSU was looking to win this game to make them 3-0 in the OVC.

With the beginning of the first set, the Govs struggled to find their rhythm, letting SEMO gain the lead on them for the entire set. Towards the end, APSU did not give in and kept pushing to make the end the set 21-25 but still gave the set to SEMO.
Despite losing the first set, the Govs carried that little momentum to the second set, cutting an 8-14 deficit in this set, to tie it 16-16 which created a fierce comeback.

Then for the rest of the set APSU and SEMO went back and forth, with neither giving an inch. In addition, during this set junior Chole Stitt had 5K-2E-7TA, then Gerig had 16 digs in one set.

The Govs continued to put the pressure on the Redhawks.

Even though the Govs had 18 kills they fell short again ending the set 27-29.
In the third set, Govs took the lead 4-1 but SEMO didn’t let that go on for long and brought the score back to 4-4, but throughout this set, APSU continued to show their strength and kept a strong two-point lead.

APSU kept the momentum and broke into a five point lead during the set which left the score 18-13.

Gerig’s quickness to get to the ball and allowed her team to set up and make plays to keep the defense strong. She ended up having 10 digs and one kill leading APSU to their first winning set.

In the fourth set, SEMO gained a three-point lead on the Govs but the ladies’
determination to win showed when they gained an opposing three-point lead over SEMO with the score being 18-15.

With the fourth set being crucial for the Govs, they continued to put the pressure on the Redhawks and kept the lead.

This set went back and forth with one team scoring after another, until APSU found a way to score the last two points, ending the fourth set at 29-27

Entering the fifth set, the energy in the air was intense and the Govs were ready to bring this game home.

The Govs were the first to take the lead with Brook Moore leading
them to get eight points first, which forced them to switch sides. However, the Redhawks kept the score close with them winning the last set 13-

Although APSU lost, the Govs still have a chance for victory when they face Murray State on Oct. 9 at 6:00 p.m., Morehead State on Oct. 18 at 6:00 p.m. at Morehead and a game against Tennessee State on Oct. 18.