The Society for Classical Studies only awards one to three Awards for Excellence in the Teaching of Classics annually, and APSU Professor Timothy Winters earned the recognition for 2015.

“I am humbled and very much aware of how much I owe to my own professors, many of whom were instrumental in the development of my approach to teaching,” Winters said. “I am hoping this award will make our students aware of the fact that they can major in Classics, the study of the ancient Greek and Latin languages, literatures and cultures, here at APSU.”

Winters will be recognized for the award on Saturday, January 10, in New Orleans, La., at the plenary session of the SCS annual meeting.

According to Chair of the Department of Languages and Literature David Guest, the award does not come as a complete surprise.

“Winters’s excellence in the classroom is no secret to the APSU community, but it’s nice to know that his reputation extends so far beyond campus,” Guest said.

While Winters expressed gratitude at receiving the award, he also spoke of the quality of teaching in all foreign language programs at APSU.

“[A]ll of our foreign language programs have first-rate faculty of whom I am only one representative,” Winters said. “The faculty of the Department of Languages and Literature care deeply about our teaching and our students.