Catherine Weiss | Staff Writer

Facebook has become one of the most used websites in the world. With more and more people signing up for Facebook daily, it’s no surprise it has become a target for phishing, scams and hacking. For students, this means every time you log in at the library and forget to log out, you’re potentially putting yourself at risk.

Where is the line drawn between trolling on someone’s Facebook and the types of pranking that will land you in jail? Trolling is instigating strong feelings or targeting users in an online community. After a recent bout of trolling on a friend’s Facebook, I decided to look up the Facebook privacy policy.

According to Facebook’s policy (, your Facebook page is the user’s own responsibility even though they employ certain safety features like firewalls to prevent scammers. Facebook fails to discuss what happens when the content of your page is out of your control. Phishing, people attempting to get personal information like usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and addresses by posing as a legitimate party has become a new threat.

Phishing is entirely illegal and considered fraud. When a person gets into your Facebook and posts malicious content it’s considered libel, especially if it is falsified information. Police now have ways to find the origins through IP addresses and library log-ins to find information as to the supposed hacker.

Hacking someone’s Facebook can even be considered harassment. Avoid phishing by keeping personal information like social security numbers, credit card numbers or passwords to yourself.

Trusted companies will never ask for this information over the Internet. If you are making a purchase, always look in the address bar for “https://” which signifies that your information is secure.

As for someone getting on your Facebook, always sign out before getting off computers and go as far as to even clear out the browsing history and saved information. Some browsers will automatically save your login information without your knowledge.

For you would-be Facebook trollers, please stop. Not is it only is it lame to traipse about someone’s facebook but you can get into some serious trouble. TAS