» By TIFFANY COMER – tcomer@my.apsu.edu

Phi Kappa Phi hosted its first “Big Reveal” on Wednesday, Feb. 15. The idea of the event came from Dewey Browder, president of Phi Kappa Phi.

“They were looking for a way to announce who’s nominated with pizzazz in a very public way,” Browder said. And the “Big Reveal” did just that.

The reveal took place in 16 different locations across the APSU main campus and campus at Fort Campbell, where several students gathered with hopes of hearing their names called.

At the event, academic leaders were dressed in full regalia and were introduced by pages, before simultaneously reading aloud the 394 names of the student nominees invited to join the chapter in April.

The principle site for the event was the balcony of Harned Hall where a trumpeter dressed in medieval attire played “Fanfare,” and President Tim Hall was introduced by his page, Browder.

In October, the president of Phi Kappa Phi told The All State, “We’d like to focus on being more public in how we tap new members and increase visibility with our scholarship program.” This statement is a direct testament to what the “Big Reveal” was all about. They accomplished this by being the first student organization at APSU to publicly announce the students invited.

APSU student Joshua Jones was one of the lucky few to have his name called. “Just the fact that I’ve been invited is humbling,” Jones said.

The local chapter is in the top 10 percent of Phi Kappa Phi chapters across the country. It is also one of the two most prominent chapters in the world. According to Browder, being a member of Phi Kappa Phi is something you put on your resume and it stays there with pride forever.

Being invited to the chapter is no easy feat, however, considering that it consists of the top 7.5 percent of juniors, 10 percent of seniors and 10 percent of graduate students.

The chapter takes pride in its established record of scholars. Browder said he hopes they can quickly begin to have students accept their invitations, and aspire to make the “Big Reveal” a yearly appearance. TAS