» By Ronniesia Reed


If you read last week’s paper, the SGA has proposed to change some things in our Student Code of Conduct here. These changes will include forbidding students to use mace or pepper spray on campus.

As a young woman on campus, I feel the use of pepper spray should be decided by the student.

Pepper spray is called pepper spray because it is a spray which contains the same chemicals in many chili peppers, but at an even higher level. This spicy concoction is used in many cases to stop assaults and can be very effective.

“It is a form of self-defense and will ensure safety on campus,” said Brena Andring, sophomore art major.

There are many preventative methods on campus, but there is still a risk. Pepper spray is easier to get a hold of in some cases. It can come in different shapes and sizes, which makes it even easier to access.

Some pepper sprays even come in containers that look like regular objects someone might carry around like a pen, perfume, lipstick and even a ring.

“I believe in pepper spray, especially because of all of the occurrences in just this one year.

I walk long distances around campus, and girls should definitely be able to carry it so they can get the person and go,” said Mariana Haggler, sophomore psychology major.

Not being able to carry pepper spray would make many students feel insecure about their safety around campus.

“Girls need it when they’re walking around at night,” said Jennifer Tharp, sophomore psychology major.

Stephanie Tallon, sophomore communications major, said she would not walk around at night without pepper spray. Women should have every right to carry pepper spray because we never know what situation we might be put into.

“Girls should be able to use it for safety against bad guys. Most rapes happen between people who know each other, in that case the girl is unprepared because it is unexpected, so she can pull it out and use it,” said Sungjin Park, sophomore communications major.

In most cases, victims are defenseless against their assaulters. Although APSU provides us with many preventative methods against danger, there is no such thing as being too safe. Pepper spray is not as dangerous as a knife or gun, and it is certainly not lethal.

“I honestly think I would use it carefully. I’m an RA so when I walk around doing rounds it would be good for me, and it is good for anybody who does extracurricular activities. I feel like people know not to use it in a crazy way, especially since we are college students, so people will be more aware of what it is and take that into consideration,” said Taylor Renfroe, sophomore early childhood education major.

Pepper spray is an effective weapon that is not too harmful for students to use for safety. It should only be used carefully, but it should definitely be allowed on campus.

It can’t be predicted when something dangerous is going to happen, we should have a chance at stopping the assaulter so we can get away from them.