­Forecast Updates

Nine days til the First Day of Fall!

Overall, it will be hot for rest of this week to at least middle of next week with minimal chance of seeing rain. I hope y’all have good week so far. I know most of you are waiting for sweater weather, but the Climate Prediction Center has indicated that the temperature would remain above average around the first day of fall on Saturday, September 22. Ugh! I’d rather enjoy 70 degrees and nice breezes. So, with all of that fall heat, don’t forget to stay cool and hydrated. Also, there is possibility that we will break 90 degrees on some of next several days.

This afternoon- Mostly sunny, Hi-88

Tonight- Partly cloudy, Lo- 67

Friday (TGIF!)- Partly sunny, Hi 89

Friday night- Partly cloudy, Lo- 68

Saturday- Mostly sunny, Hi- 88

Saturday night- Partly cloudy, Lo- 69

Sunday- Mostly sunny, Hi- 86

Sunday night- Partly cloudy, Lo- 68

Monday- Partly sunny, 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms, Hi – 85

Monday night- Partly cloudy, Lo- 68

Tuesday- Mostly sunny, Hi- 87

Tuesday night- Mostly clear, Lo- 66

Wednesday- Sunny, Hi- 86

Hurricane Florence Impacts

As of publication of this article, Hurricane Florence had been downgraded to Category 2, but it’s surge and inland flooding remain the major concerns. Right now, Florence had already begun its assault on the Carolinas, and it’s forecast to stall over the states after making a landfall most likely tomorrow afternoon and move very slowly over the weekend. For Tennessee, Florence will have at least some impacts on eastern half of the state Sunday and Monday, and that portion would experience some rain and winds. However, Clarksville should not see any substantial impacts from Florence.

If you have family and friends that are affected by Florence, please keep in touch and help them. Florence is likely to severely impact a lot of people, perhaps millions of them. This is a potential major disaster unfolding right now.

Final Statements

Information from National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center, Climate Prediction Center, and The Weather Channel.

Also, NWS Nashville has a schedule for spotter classes, and we have one that will be here on campus with WKRN Weather Roadshow at 6 to 8 pm on Wednesday, September 26. That class is for basic spotting information. The NWS has several online classes, both basic and advanced, scheduled for this fall.

To view the schedule, click on this link: https://www.weather.gov/ohx/skywarn

I am a trained NWS spotter, and this blog is meant to be informative about weather, and it also have light humor and commentary on weather- related topics.